The Faith & Reason Forum

The Faith & Reason Forum is a monthly gathering of Christians, seekers, and questioners interested in pursuing the understanding of Truth.

We take a decidedly scholarly approach to deepen our understanding of God, Christ, the Bible, Ourselves, and Reality.  We are not your typical Bible study.

We are located in South Forsyth county, Georgia.

We typically meet the second Thursday of every month from 7-9 PM.

All are welcome!

Our next meeting will be held on:
Thursday, February 13, 7-9 PM
Located at: Midway Community Church
3365 Francis Rd., Alpharetta, GA 30004

Our topic will be:
How Theology Needs Philosophy

Our speaker will be:
Richard Howe

Emeritus Professor of Philosophy and Apologetics
at Southern Evangelical Seminary


Some potential future areas of study include:
– Inspiration, Inerrancy, & Hermeneutics
– General Revelation & Natural Theology
– Are Moral Values & Duties Objective?
– Diverse Models of the Atonement
– Faith & Science
– Epistemology, Warrrant, & Skepticism
– Theodicy: The Problem of Evil
– God’s Sovereignty & Human Freedom
– The Fall & Original Sin
– Hell: Is It Fair?
– Christian Exclusivism
– Is Genesis 1-11 Historical or Mythology-Historical?

Previous Sessions:
– The Recognition of the Canon & the Preservation of the Scriptures (January 9, 2020)
– The Verbal Plenary View of the Inspiration of Scripture (December 12, 2019)
– Various Models of the Inspiration of Scripture (November 14, 2019)
– Apologetics Conference Review (October 10, 2019)
– A History of the Debate Over the Inerrancy of Scripture (September 12, 2019)